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More and more we are seeing wheel clamps in operation across our towns and cities. Most obviously used to deter and prevent illegal and unauthorised parking, they have become more widespread and varied in practice over the last two decades.

Wheel clamps were introduced to the United Kingdom in the early part of the 1990’s, as a security measure to combat the problem of public parking on private land. Simple yet extremely effective, wheel clamps immobilised unsuitably parked vehicles, ensuring drivers incurred a penalty before they were able to remove their car. Of course landowners welcomed the introduction as it enabled them to police their land in a cost-effective way. As such there has been a gradual increase in clamping operations across the country.

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Wheel clamps have, however, come under fire, often being labelled as a money making scam. Release fees have indeed escalated to exceed the local authority recommendations in some cases and often foul practice is adopted to include; minuscule warning signs, unreliable release operatives and decoys to encourage parking on private land in the first place.

Due to such negative feeling, not all motorists are prepared to accept the penalties issued by the wheel clampers and thus take matters into their own hands to free their beloved vehicle. Because of this wheel clamps have become more varied in design, progressing to become stronger and more secure in their attempt to outwit drivers - where possible.

Whilst public disapproval and less than positive media exposure has led to the legality of wheel clamps being consistently questioned, there has, as yet been no real involvement from the government to legislate upon or challenge their use. Moreover, whilst several court cases have been fought and won against clampers, refunds are scarce… And so the moral is that however questionable the wheel clamping industry may appear to be, it looks set to boom for the foreseeable future at least.

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